Beautiful Girl …

Since I’ve been taking photos for a living I’ve worked with a lot of different women; nearly every one of them have had some reason why they’d hesitated to have their photos taken. But the honest truth is that we do harder things every day. We have to deal with our jobs, our co-workers, our children … life in general. And I’m here to tell you, life is HARD, and women CAN, by-God, do HARD things.

Beautiful girl, you can do hard thingsThis is MsT … she’s a model for the calendar I’ve been doing for two years and just as cute as she can be. She’s mom to one of the best behaved little boys I’ve ever met. It is no easy chore raising a well-behaved and respectful kid in this day and age and my hat is off to T.

Wisconsin Beauty/Glamour Photography

And wait til you see the calendar … ooh-la-la!

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