Why Do A Glamour Session?

Wisconsin Women's PhotographyHave you been thinking about having boudoir photos taken, but just.don’t.have.the.courage? Yeah … when I had mine done 25 years ago (I’ll have to dig those puppies out one of these days), it took me MONTHS to make the decision. And honestly, even back then, when even professional photographers were doing boudoir that looked like it came out of a Glamour Shots studio, I was really glad I’d done it. It gave me a LOT of confidence.

And one of these days, I’m gonna do it again.

But let’s get back to YOU.

Do you keep telling yourself that you’re too, wait for it … tired, busy, old, fat … whatever reason all women give themselves for NOT doing something nice for themselves.

Why NOT do something for yourself – right now? You DON’T have to lose weight. You DON’T have to let your hair grow out. You DON’T even have to have a boyfriend or a husband (though they are nice to have around, I’ll admit).

The holidays are coming up and we all have someone that would enjoy a professional photo of you, whether it’s your children, your parents or yes, even your boyfriend or husband.

So, rather than jumping right into the more risqué aspect of photography (corset and stockings and high heels, oh MY!) start with baby steps.

MadBee Photography is running a very affordable Glam Session special for the Fall.

Glamour photography is different than boudoir photography. It’s about making you look and feel incredible without taking your clothes off! Your photos will be classy and elegant enough to be handed down as heirlooms to your children and grandchildren.

Glamour photos make awesome gifts for anyone you love.

And for yourself, as well!

Glamour photography is all about you, not what you’re wearing (or not wearing), so your wardrobe should be consist of of your FAVORITE outfits and accessories. Bring those clothes that you feel INCREDIBLE in, the outfits that make you feel beautiful.

So what about that whole “Photoshop” thing? Why bother getting your photo taken if you don’t even look like yourself when the photos are done?

You can see that my finished photos don’t have that “plastic” look. My subjects look just like themselves – but without dark circles, bloodshot eyes or pimples. I smooth your skin and brighten your eyes and bring out your natural beauty.

I’ve worked with women from the age of 16 to the age of 86 and they’ve all loved their portraits. I promise you will, too.

The books are OPEN and we're taking appointments for October 2021, let's roll, dolls.

Hair and makeup by Rustic Cuts & Co

Photo sessions are easy to set up. Want to set up your own empowering session? Just email me and we'll get the ball rolling

2 thoughts on “Why Do A Glamour Session?

  • September 16, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    I’m getting closer and friendlier towards the glamour shot idea. Hang on….

    • September 17, 2014 at 10:30 am

      I’ll be here when you’re ready, baby.


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