MeDoesn’t it seem like we’re ALWAYS trying to get caught up? And every time we THINK were caught up – BOOM! We realize we’re behind, lol.

Part of my problem I think is that I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that I get distracted, have 3-4 project started and realize I’m in over my head. I While I’ve never been diagnosed, I would guess that’s what a person with ADD acts like. I am working on changing that.

I’ve had a few personal upsets over the last month – you might say life-changers and not be too far off. I am trying to put things back together and if I must say so myself, I don’t think I’m doing too bad of a job! I’ve been working steady and turning otu some gorgeous photos and that makes me proud. My studio has come together in a fantastic way and that EXCITES me to no end!

I have a list as long as my arm of work that I want to do … THAT makes me crazy and I have to take it slow.

I have a few retro sessions coming up – squeeee (and no, I don’t think 53 is to old to say squeee)!

I have a few new services that I am going to be offerng, not the least of which is elopement wedding packages. I’ve don three very small weddings (we’re talking under 100 people total) over the past couple of years and they’ve turned out great (yes, I will be blogging the latest), so despite being totally against it in the past, I am adding ti to my repetoire.

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