Portrait PhotographyThe sun is shining today and there are visions of lilacs and robins dancing in my head … yeah, I know, but I am nothing if not optimistic.

2014 has gotten off to a great start for MadBee Photo; the last time I was this excited and satisfied with my work was when I opened my nail salon 20 years ago … my God, has it been THAT long? :: sigh :: Yes, it HAS. The years have flown – FLOWN, I tell you!

I have great things in mind for the rest of 2014. In between sessions and editing I am brainstorming: studio possibilities, themed sessions (which are something I plan on doing a LOT of this year, but more about that later) and marathon sessions. I’ve already got one really GREAT venue lined up for several of my marathon sessions, the first of which will be in April of this year, just in time for Mother’s day (can you say “Red Hot Mama”?), but I’m making note of other local areas that will fit my bill. And I say “making note” in all seriousness, this stuff is all whirly-gigging around in my head and if I don’t write it down, I’m gonna lose it.

Back to the subject of themed shoots, last summer I did an “Alice in Wonderland” session with my niece and while it was cute I’ve learned so much more since then and am raring to go. My most coveted idea for a themed shoot is a Steampunk session. Leather bustiers and ruffled skirts and parasols and all manner of junk-out vehicles and striped, thigh-high stockings and bustles and bloomers and tophats… oh MY!!!!

I’ve started collecting costumes and props and can’t wait til I have the whole thing mapped out!

In the meantime, I’m running a model search. I’m looking for two models, one for classy boudoir and one for glamour and these sessions will be used for advertising purposes.

Those ladies interested must be 21+ years old, no exception.

Modeling experience is NOT necessary. You don’t have to be “young” and you don’t need a perfect size 2 body. In fact, I’ll be looking closely at those of you in your thirties with a not so perfect body.

I’ll choose one model for a boudoir photo session and the other for a glamour-themed session. You MUST be willing to have your images used in my advertising – Facebook, print and website.

Your session will take place on March 13th at a local venue. For modeling you will receive a complimentary (free) photo shoot, professionally styled hair and make-up and an 8 x 10 professional print.

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THEN email me at spotted@madbeephoto.com, attach a photo of yourself and tell me WHY you want to model.

P.S. If you know of anybody that might be interested, pass this post along or SHARE it on their page.

I can’t wait to hear from YOU!

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